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Let’s talk! I know that plans have probably changed for your during this time. Coronavirus has hit hard! Whether you are planning a large celebration, an intimate wedding or an elopement, here are a few finds to help make your wedding day even more special! This can be perfect for any kind of celebration! I […]

If you know me AT ALL, you probably know that I am not a planner. Planning details is not one of my gifts! I love photographing them, but planning them is a totally different story! Maybe you’re like me. The details have you overwhelmed and ready to throw your hands up. Whenever I have a […]

Don’t know what to ask or where to start? Afraid you’ll end up with terrible and blurry pictures? I got you girl! Here is a list of my 22 questions you should ask your wedding photographer. This will help you get started and find a photographer who will be prepared and professional on your big […]

               This has been an incredibly difficult post for me. Why? Midland has few picture-perfect venues that are local; however, if you go to Lubbock, it is filled with gorgeous venues. It took a little more hunting to find beautiful venues for weddings in Midland/Odessa, but there are some lovely ones around. Here they are- my […]

The Process: Four years ago, I sat on the living room floor of my parents house, with papers spread out in front of me. I was on a hunt to find the most beautiful dream venues for weddings in the RGV area. On those papers, I listed out every museum, historic home, park, community center, […]

Have you been planning your wedding for months, a year, your WHOLE LIFE? The worst thing (or almost) that could possibly happen on your wedding day has happened- coronavirus! I know you’re feeling overwhelmed right now with the decision that has to be made. How will your plan your wedding through coronavirus? You are probably […]

Feeling a little anxious about group pictures? Wondering why it takes SOOOO long to get group pictures? Worry about your guests being hungry? Afraid you’re going to leave someone out?  I’m going to let you in on a few tips for your wedding day group shots that can help your this picture time go quickly, […]

I do not know about you guys, but EVERYTHING that could possibly happen on my big day DID happen. I thought I had everything planned out, but there were hiccups along the way!  I’ve also gotten to plan white a few wedding styled shoots and these are all the tips I have learned from those […]

Bridal portraits? What are those and why would I even want to do that?! You may think this is just a southern tradition, but it is becoming more popular (and convenient) lately!  I’m going to tell you WHY you should definitely have bridal portraits taken before your big day! First, Why should I have bridal […]

  Hey everybody! I’m Sheila and am currently a wedding photographer, based in Midland, Texas (but don’t think I wont take the opportunity to travel!)  😉 If you are at all like me (or most brides), life is HECTIC the day of the wedding. There are a million questions coming at you from all directions. […]