Several years ago, I never dreamed that I would be a photographer! I thought I would forever be a Spanish-speaking, salsa-dancing English teacher in Guadalajara, Mexico. As love many times makes us do crazy things, I moved to Texas to get married to my own Prince Charming! In the last 4 1/2 years, I have moved internationally, gotten married, had a baby, and have started photographing weddings, families, and events. I can honestly say, it's been an enjoyable rollercoaster ride. Though so many things have changed, there are a few things that haven't: my sweet hubby, my Mexican dog, my love of travel, and my need for coffee!

Grab your cup of coffee and meet me every week for some helpful tips and resources for your wedding or portrait session!

-peppers (no really! I'm allergic)
-snakes and tarantulas
-traffic jams

things I could do without

-coffee, lots and lots of coffee
-traveling to new places
-The Office
-Audrey Hepburn anything
-being a Mama and wifey
-the travel channel
-bunny rabbits

things that make me happy

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