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6 Etsy Finds to Make Your Wedding Celebration More Personal

Let’s talk! I know that plans have probably changed for your during this time. Coronavirus has hit hard! Whether you are planning a large celebration, an intimate wedding or an elopement, here are a few finds to help make your wedding day even more special! This can be perfect for any kind of celebration! I hope you love these as much as I do. These are a few different things I have seen online or stumbled across on etsy. Maybe you have seen some of them too, but I’m sure there are a few that you probably haven’t seen! Enjoy! Let me know which one is your favorite!

6 Etsy finds to make your wedding celebration more personal (Plus a bonus!):

1. Have your vows written by a calligrapher. 

Click here to have your vows written and personalized before your big day! What a great keepsake! Frame them after your big day and display them in your home! Etsy Bride vow book

2. Have a live event painting! 

If you’d love to capture your big day and have it as an art piece in your home, consider having an artist come to your big day and paint it! What a unique opportunity! Click here to book! 

3. Personalized hangers

I love these personalized hangers for the bride (and groom too!) What a beautiful way to display your dress (great for pictures!) and keep to remember your big day! Click here.

4. Personalized hankies for mom and dad.

Here you have a personal note embroidered for your parents that they can treasure forever. They will CHERISH this! Check out the etsy link here.

5. Bridesmaid robes

Check out these personalized bridesmaid robes! Perfect for the big day (especially for those pictures y’all!) and also as a keepsake! You can have the color coordinated with your theme and you can also have their names printed on them!

6. Have your place cards or signs personalized with calligraphy! 

I really love this personal touch. Have one for each of your guests on their plate and let them also take it home with them! You can also get other signs, menus and anything else like that made here. Check out this etsy store and book!

Etsy name place card on blue wedding napkin

Those are my favorite etsy wedding finds. There are a few others I have stumbled across that you may not find on etsy. BONUS ALERT! Here is another awesome find and way to make your day more special!

7. Have your wedding details or note inscribed on your wine (or sparkling cider) bottle that you used at your wedding! 

How special!!! Don’t throw away that bottle! Keep it and send it to a calligrapher to inscribe it for you and you now have a keepsake! Order yours now!

bride and groom drinking champaign

If you need some wedding day inspiration, check out this colorful, classy wedding in McAllen, Texas! Find it here!

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