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6 Tips On Planning A Luxury Wedding On A Budget

If you know me AT ALL, you probably know that I am not a planner. Planning details is not one of my gifts! I love photographing them, but planning them is a totally different story! Maybe you’re like me. The details have you overwhelmed and ready to throw your hands up. Whenever I have a question or need some tips about wedding planning, I go to the experts. Today, I went to my friend Brandi from Next Chapter Weddings. What makes a luxury wedding feel…well, luxurious? And how could we get that same feel while planning on a budget? Here are 6 tips that she gave me for planning a luxury wedding on a budget! It’s really all about cutting out some things and adding to other areas!luxury wedding bouquet

  1. 1. Scratch the luxury invitations. 

This is a huge expense and what you pay for luxury invitations (and stamps!) could be used for something in your ceremony or reception instead! Instead of getting custom made invitations, pick up some invitation sets from Michaels, or better yet, an e-invitation! This will save you on stamps!

luxury wedding invitation set

2. Lower your guest count. 

Try to cut your guest list in half! This will save on everything-food, invitations, tables and chairs, etc. Enjoy a more intimate gathering with close friends and family!

luxury name card

3. The dress. 

Ladies, I know you may not want to hear this, but shop around a little and set a budget for your dress! Shop at smaller boutiques. You can find a gorgeous dress you love for less so that you can have that luxury wedding.

Those are the things to cut back on, now here are some things to spend more on to get that luxury feel!

4. Skip on the buffet. 

A buffet usually costs more than plated meals in general, but then also add servers and VOILA! You’ve already upped the quality! Your guests will be amazed with how you pull this off!

5. A full table scape will give your guests something to really talk about. 

Add in lots of gorgeous flowers and full centerpieces for long tables to give a more extravagant look and feel. Beautiful plates with chargers are a must. full luxury table scape with plates and candles

6. Lastly, add in some soft, romantic uplighting to make it feel surreal!

There are lighting companies that can help with this or often times DJs have lighting as well. This can give the room more of a magical, enchanted feel that will delight your guests!


bride dancing on a cloud

luxury wedding cake

menu with drinks

luxury wedding table and chairs

There you have it! 6 tips for planning a luxury wedding on a budget! Ready for a checklist with even more ideas? Sign up here and get your free checklist!

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