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10 Year Anniversary At The Bryan House Mission Texas

couples anniversary celebration at Bryan House Mission Texas

Need a little pick-me-up this week? Me too! This quarantine’s got me going a little loopy! Here is a story that is sure to make you smile! This love is one for a good hallmark movie! What a treat to take their pictures on the day of their 10 year anniversary! I asked Beatriz and Eduardo a few questions about themselves and this is what they told me.

How did you first meet? 

“We first met when we were about 6 years old, when Eduardo’s Aunt married my uncle.” You guys!!! These two met, grew up together and grew to love each other. Ten years later, it’s obvious that they are still in love!

Where did he propose? 

“He proposed in an art gallery, Casa De La Cultura in Del Rio, Texas, which is where we had our first date.” How romantic!

How have your lives changed? 

“We have 2 small children, they are very different. Our lives are continually changing with how they are growing.”

What are some things you have learned about marriage in your 10 years?

“We are very different, but we look out for the well-being of each other. Something we enjoy a lot is having time with family, doing activities together,  and well, being a team.”


I loved everything about this shoot! What a sweet, loving couple! They are truly an inspiration and what a wonderful tip for a successful relationship- looking out for the well-being of the other! I hope you enjoyed this 10 year anniversary photo shoot at the Bryan House in Mission, Texas! I love a good love story! How about you? Drop me a comment and let me know how you and your significant other met!

husband kissing wife forehead husband and wife embracing

10th anniversary ring

husband and wife anniversary husband and wife anniversary

husband and wife embrace

husband kisses wife's shoulder husband and wife anniversary

session at the Bryan House Mission Texas

husband and wife anniversary husband and wife hugging

husband and wife anniversary

husband and wife dancing and 10th anniversary husband and wife

husband and wife in nature

husband and wife laughing husband and wife anniversary kiss

couple anniversary at bryan house mission texass Bryan House Mission Texas


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