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10 Dream Venues for Weddings Near McAllen, Texas

The Process:

Four years ago, I sat on the living room floor of my parents house, with papers spread out in front of me. I was on a hunt to find the most beautiful dream venues for weddings in the RGV area. On those papers, I listed out every museum, historic home, park, community center, and bed and breakfast I could find online. I had hundreds of options listed. The RGV area has so many event salons and venues that it was difficult to narrow it down.

   Casa de Palmas Bride looking out window

One thing was sure though, I wanted a picture perfect venue. This was number 1 priority on my list for the wedding. My number 2 was my photographer. I wanted to have beautiful photos to cherish afterwards, so picking a beautiful venue was top of the list for me. Here are a few little treasures that I found while I searched. Each of these venues is unique and beautiful. You won’t be disappointed with any of these choices!

The Bryan House Mission Texas

Your Top Dream Venues for weddings near McAllen, Texas

1. The Bryan House. The Bryan house is one of my all-time favorites. When I was finding venues for my wedding, this was my number 1! They are a family owned, historical venue and bed and breakfast! I love everything about this venue! If you havent seen Aimee and Shawn’s wedding photos at this venue, check them out here.   Click here to go to their website.  

Sign of the Bryan house in Mission Texas

2. Casa de Palmas-another favorite of mine. Though, let’s be real, all of these are my favorites!  This venue is so accomodating and the view from their patio on the second floor is perfect looking out over McAllen. Check out the the most recent Bridal session at Casa de Palmas here. If you’d like to see their website, click here

Casa de palmas deck

3. Quinta Mazatlan is another beautiful dream venue for weddings, set out in nature. Enjoy the hummingbirds, butterflies and flowers. This outdoor venue is top notch!  Check out their website here. 


4. Casa Los Ebanos. This elegant mansion-like venue will quickly catch your eye with its magnificent pillars and beautiful natural background. See their website here. 


5. Hummingbird Springs – There is no better place to watch the sun set in the Valley. This venue embraces the outdoors and gives you the perfect seat to see the most beautiful end of the day. Book a tour here. 

Hummingbird at hummingbird springs venue donna texas

6. Capilla Del Rio – this little white chapel is perfect for a picture-perfect wedding. Classy and elegant! Check it out here. 


7. La Placita- This dreamy venue is right in the heart of RGV, located in Pharr. Once you open the doors to this venue, you are greeted by beautiful climbing plants and an open sky.   A little piece of nature in the middle of the city. Here is their website. 


8. The Grove wedding and Event Venue – another venue centered around nature and the perfect place to watch a beautiful sunset. Check them out here.


9. Azenda event center. This is a fun venue in that they have so many backgrounds in the typical, rustic Spanish hacienda style. They also have some horses on site!  Find them here.

10. Allysa’s Acres- complete with a bridge, a lake, and twinkle lights, this is another picture-perfect setting for your big day!   See their facebook here. 



Bonus: A few venues a little farther away but totally worth checking out! 


11. Sabal Palm Grove Sanctuary in Harlingen -historical mansion sitting right in a sancutary of palm trees. Can you think of anything more relaxing? Check out their site here.


12. The Inn at Chachalaca Bend- a ceremony right on the dock of their lake and with twinkle lights overheard, this is another perfect venue for your event! Call them to book a tour (956) 233-1180.


Those are my top dream venues for weddings in the RGV area! I hope you found it helpful! Let me know which one you choose! Would you like to see more resources like this?


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Couple wedding at The Bryan House Mission

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