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How To Include Your Husband In Maternity Pictures

Maybe you are wondering if you should have maternity pictures with your husband/partner or have pictures take of just you. Let me tell you, I LOVE it when a client decides to have their maternity pictures with their husband or partner! They are supporting you and being a part of this special time! Sometimes our partners still don’t feel the reality of the pregnancy. Can you blame them? They don’t feel the kicks, or go to the doctor’s office every month or feel the queasiness in your stomach every day. Sometimes they have a hard time relating or feeling the expectancy that you may feel. This is the PERFECT time to include them because they seem to “get it” a little more after the session sometimes. It starts becoming real.

Husband kissing pregnant wife on bridge


With that being said, there are some ways you can do maternity pictures with your husband and include him in the process!

  1. First, you can use some props for them to help hold up. For instance, a cute outfit or shoes would be perfect. This is cute and definitely pinteresty. husband and wife pregnancy announcement
  2. Secondly, you can get some pictures of them kissing your belly, talking the baby or reading to him/her.  An example is “The Places You Will Go” by Dr. Seuss, which is always a favorite!pregnancy announcement with husband looking down
  3. Another way is to have them hold a funny sign. “Oops I did it again” being an example. This is super fun for a pregnancy announcement!
  4. Next, one of my personal favorites is to have him holding a gift you can later give to the baby. If you have a Bible for the baby, a book, or a stuffed animal, this would be meaningful as well. husband and wife maternity session
  5. Lastly and my personal favorite is to have him kissing his wife on the cheek or looking into her eyes. This is my favorite because this is such a sweet time for both of them and should reflect the love they have for one another. In addition, you can get many more pictures posing in this way that with a funny sign, for example. pregnancy announcement with husband in edinburg texas

In conclusion, including your husband or partner will will make them feel part of this important time, will show the love between the two of you and strengthen your bond, and it may even strengthen your husband’s bond with the baby! Sounds like a win/win to me! Will your partner be part of your maternity pictures? Which way is your favorite for including your partner?


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Maternity session with husband and bouquet

Pregnant mom with husband

maternity session in gold sequin dress

Maternity session with husband on bridge Maternity session on bridge gold sequin dress

maternity bouquet

maternity session with husband

maternity session with gold dress maternity session Edinburg Texas

maternity session with husband in Edinburg

Maternity session with bouquet  Maternity session with husband

Light and airy maternity session

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