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How to Plan Your Wedding through Coronavirus

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Have you been planning your wedding for months, a year, your WHOLE LIFE? The worst thing (or almost) that could possibly happen on your wedding day has happened- coronavirus! I know you’re feeling overwhelmed right now with the decision that has to be made. How will your plan your wedding through coronavirus? You are probably feeling lost, frustrated, and just plain disappointed. Girl, I got you! Here are a few tips to help you get back on track and keep going so you can finally marry your best friend!

If you are a bride with a spring 2020 wedding, girl, I feel for you! I am so sorry that this craziness is happening! It’s ok to feel sad and disappointed  or unsure about this time! I know many of you have already postponed your wedding day and those of you who haven’t are unsure. So, I wanted to talk to you about how to deal with this time! Here are a few guiding points to help you deal with these changes, move on, and continue planning for not just your “big day,” but the new stage of BEING MARRIED!

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Here are 8 tips and things to consider while planning your wedding through coronavirus.

  1.  Talk to your partner.

Talk about what is most important to both of you! Is it important that your whole family be there along with friends? If you change your date, will the most important people to you still be able to attend? Talk this over with them! If a big wedding ceremony and reception is important to you, maybe it’s best to postpone your big day for a couple months. Another option may be to go ahead and elope. I hear the canyons in Texas are beautiful this time of year 😉 And lastly, you could do a combination of the two. You could elope and have a small, intimate ceremony and then have your big ceremony and reception at a later date. pink tulips on white background

     2.  Prioritize.

What is most important to you? The venue? Coordinator? Florals? Photographer? The band? Also think about the deposits you’ve paid and how much you’ve invested in each one. Some of the deposits you may or may not get back. This is a crazy time for everyone in the wedding industry and there is one thing I can promise you- EVERYONE will try to accommodate your new date! So sit down with your partner and figure out what’s most important.

       3. Talk to your vendors.

Most (if not all) will be accommodating and do their best to be available on your new date. Though if they are booked, they can probably point you in the direction of someone else who is in your price point who has availability. pink tulips

     4. Keep up to date on what the government is saying.

Instagram is not enough. Keep up to date with the government sites so that you are not misinformed. Here is the CVC website; stay up to date on their guidelines for keeping the virus at bay.

     5. Check your contracts.

Maybe even have a lawyer look at them if you feel necessary. Many contracts have a clause about “an act of God.” This definitely counts and because of this clause, your vendor should work with you.

      6. If you don’t have a planner yet, now is definitely the time to get one!

They are able to help you coordinate and even find other vendors if necessary! They are an invaluable resource!

     7. Inform your guests.

Especially if you have guests coming from out of town, they need to know so they can change their travel arrangements. The sooner, the better! It may be even helpful to find a travel agency to help with arrangements.

     8. Lastly, change your honeymoon plans if necessary.

You may need to call your hotel, change airline tickets, any ubers or rides, activities, rental cars…

Let me know if these were helpful for you! I hope this gave you a few ideas and helps  you start the next step in helping plan your wedding through coronavirus!

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And just for fun, below are some spring pictures with my little assistant!

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