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What to Wear for Your Maternity Pictures

Maternity photo session in edinburg Texas

You’ve scheduled your maternity photo shoot, picked the place and time, now what in the world are you going to wear for your maternity pictures? Here are a few tips to help you get a beautiful outfit so you can keep going and get those beautiful pictures you’ve been dreaming of (when you’re actually able to sleep!).

On to today’s blog-what to wear for your maternity shoot! This one is for the men and the women!

Maternity shoot with new mother holding bouquet

If you do not just want formal pictures, I highly recommend that you have a package that includes two outfits. This way you can have some formal pictures and informal ones as well. Best of both worlds!

For the ladies-what to wear for your maternity pictures

     1. It doesn’t have to be super expensive!

I know you may think that you are going to have to spend a fortune on a gown, but that’s not so!!! As a photographer, I own some of my own maternity gowns that are just for photoshoots. This is true for many other photographers. Ask your photographer and see if they have any available in your size! The ones you see pictured here are gowns that I personally own! Also, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune! These were just $15 each on wish, including shipping!

    2. Find a gown (or two or three!) that you feel beautiful in.

I really believe this is most important! If you don’t like how it looks in the mirror, you probably won’t like how it looks in the pictures. choose something that flatters your own body!

     3. Choose pastel colors or white.

This is important in getting the “light and airy” look to your pictures. If you are going for a darker look, you can choose bolder colors or whites, blacks, and browns.

     4. Choose dresses that are flowy and loose.

This will be more flattering to your curves, and you’ll be able to accentuate that bump by cradling it with your hands.

     5. Use a flower crown or bouquet

This is an amazing way to really dress up your session and make you look and feel like a princess!

Pregnancy announcement with bouquet and husband

What the men should wear for a maternity shoot!

     1. Get a haircut if you need it!

This may not be “what to wear” exactly, but go get a haircut the day before your shoot! This will make you look clean and neat!

     2. Wear dress pants or nice jeans.

Believe me, your lady will thank you! Wearing some nice dress pants or nice jeans can REALLY elevate the quality of the pictures!

    3. Wear a pastel-color or white shirt!

Pastel colors are your best friend! This will help achieve the style of pictures we are going for!

     4. If you want to really look nice, a sports jacket is the way to go!

    5.  Lastly, wear a smile!

This photoshoot is a celebration of that living, growing life! And besides, you’ll earn a lot of brownie points if you smile and help make this session a joyful time 😉 Believe me, your partner will thank you!


Check out some more tips for your upcoming maternity shoot right here!

Thank you Southern Roots Flower Market in McAllen, Texas for providing this beautiful bouquet!!! 

pink, green and white bouquet from Southern Roots Flower Market

Maternity photo session with husband and glittery dress

Spring Pregnancy announcement with husband

pregnancy announcement with dad

pregnancy announcement with white dress

Maternity shoot with gold glitter dress and with husband

pregnancy announcement with Southern Roots Bouquet

Maternity photoshoot in Edinburg Texas with gold glitter dress

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